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McCain Food

Almost anyone who eats french fries will at some point eat a McCain french fry. One of every three fries sold worldwide comes from McCain, which translates into one hundred million servings of McCain french fries each and every day. McCain Foods Limited is an international leader in the frozen food industry employing over 20,000 people and operating 57 production facilities on six continents.

McCain understands the importance of establishing relationships with industry producers, retailers along with marketing and sales teams.  McCain USA has hired us to be a leader in their incentive programs since 2010. TMN has developed and implemented their summer incentive programs in Lake Tahoe, Sun Valley, and The Teton Mountain area. These Intermountain regions have proven to be excellent locations for their incentive programs and have provided the perfect balance of business and fun that continues to be a hallmark for their industry.

“Thank you for a great week in Idaho. Paula, Pat, Jim, Connie, Noreen, and the rest of the TMN team did a wonderful job planning and executing an incredible week.  The extra touches and attention to every detail made it a perfect experience.  I truly appreciate the countless hours that went into planning the events of the week.  Thanks again for everything,”  John Gallace, Concept Food Sales