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Anthony Robbins, Platinum Partnership

When Tony Robbins brings his top members (Platinum Partners) to Sun Valley, he pulls out all the stops, and TMN Events is there make sure it happens. From large group moves for skiing every morning, to private movie viewings and farewell parties, TMN paves the way. In many instances we can anticipate the questions before they are asked based on many years of event history.  That’s what helps us provide consistent, efficient, personal service time after time.  Even if our clients’ staff changes, like it did with this event, TMN is able to adjust to ensure your events continue in the expected manner.

“Thanks again for everything, Scot and your TMN team were AWESOME!”

Terri Hart
Director of Production
Robbins Research International, Inc.

McCain Food

Almost anyone who eats french fries will at some point eat a McCain french fry. One of every three fries sold worldwide comes from McCain, which translates into one hundred million servings of McCain french fries each and every day. McCain Foods Limited is an international leader in the frozen food industry employing over 20,000 people and operating 57 production facilities on six continents.

McCain understands the importance of establishing relationships with industry producers, retailers along with marketing and sales teams.  McCain USA has hired us to be a leader in their incentive programs since 2010. TMN has developed and implemented their summer incentive programs in Lake Tahoe, Sun Valley, and The Teton Mountain area. These Intermountain regions have proven to be excellent locations for their incentive programs and have provided the perfect balance of business and fun that continues to be a hallmark for their industry.

“Thank you for a great week in Idaho. Paula, Pat, Jim, Connie, Noreen, and the rest of the TMN team did a wonderful job planning and executing an incredible week.  The extra touches and attention to every detail made it a perfect experience.  I truly appreciate the countless hours that went into planning the events of the week.  Thanks again for everything,”  John Gallace, Concept Food Sales


When the CEO of Canon and his staff come to the U.S. to meet with the staff and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the stakes are high.  TMN was engaged to run all of the pre-event planning and on-site logistics for this meeting in the Napa Valley, California.  Securing the perfect private local for business discussions and formal presentations was very important.  The following social activities needed to be seamless, memorable and full of team building opportunities.  Securing one of the most famous wine-makers in all of Napa for a private tour of his winery knocked it out of the park.  Of course the library wine tasting experience didn’t hurt anyone’s attitude either.  This is one example of how TMN Events works to understand its clients goals and culture to create an event to match!


TMN’s long history at Sundance and the relationships we have formed during that time is what brought Twitter to our doorstep. They needed an event management company with inside knowledge and access to the behind-the-scenes Sundance.  Twitter’s goal was to show some some VIP’s some real wow factor, to court a few business prospects, and run their Twitter Mirror at the premieres.  TMN was able to assist in all of those arenas, becoming an extension of the Twitter team with our own dedicated staff for the duration of their time at Sundance.  Most importantly, we shouldered the load of pre-planning all logistics so Twitter could focus on their essential business and bond with their guests.

Oprah Winfrey Network

It’s not very often that someone launches a new television network.  When Oprah decided to launch OWN and to announce her support of the independent documentary film industry, her network called TMN Events to coordinate this event.  All of the typical things were requested….registration, transportation, lodging, f/b, activities and the list goes on.  But when Oprah herself tags along for the ride, the energy level skyrockets.  Things as simple as transportation to and from the launch event are very challenging, especially when Oprah decides to jump out on Main Street in Park City, Utah for a shopping spree during the Sundance Film Festival.  Our driver and security detail was up to the task of managing the crowd of some 1500 people that crowded outside the store she was locked in……..and safely returned her to our waiting vehicle for her escape.


TMN Events knows that understanding the culture, expectations and goals of any client is paramount to delivering a successful meeting.  Hewlett Packard is a large sophisticated corporation with many business units and locations around the globe.  Certainly, the amount of time spent with a client helps this learning process and TMN has been fortunate to provided event planning services to HP for over 15 years.  The standard event planning template often does not apply with a company like HP.  TMN has had to become shipping experts, warehouse rats, demand generators and true business partners on every level to earn the trust for such a long relationship.  From 15 city road shows to high end incentive programs to C-Level executive retreats – TMN has partnered with HP on them all.


When Microsoft needs to engage the CMO level of their best clients, pressure to deliver and impress is high.  Our stakeholder was tasked with figuring out how to deliver a high end VIP meeting at the Sundance Film Festival with only three months lead time.  When the email came to TMN Events, the ask was clear and succinct:

  • We need to deliver a flawless experience at the Sundance Film Festival that raises the bar from last year’s average experience under partnership with a different event vendor
  • We need to fit within the same budget we had last year
  • Negotiate sponsorship and private film access with the Sundance Institute
  • Find and negotiate 5 star resort accommodations on short notice during the busiest time of the year in Park City, Utah
  • Build a seamless registration to hotel arrival experience for a very discerning crowd
  • Manage meeting venues to allow for massive use of electronic interface with new technology devices that will be given to event attendees
  • Source and manage unique, high performing off-site dinner and activity venues
  • Provide upscale transportation to and from all activities and venues throughout the even

“We have never had an agency perform anywhere near as amazing and professional as TMN did throughout our 2014 Sundance film festival event at the beautiful Montage in Park City, Utah.”