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Destination Management Services

TMN’s, Destination Management Company division  possesses extensive experience,  knowledge, expertise and resources.  We specialize  in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics in many markets across the U.S.

Benefits of working with TMN Events and it’s DMC Experience…

As a Destination Management Company, TMN represents YOU.  We partner with you  to obtain your goals and objectives with the appropriate vendors in the local market where you are holding your event.  With the firsthand experience of acting as a DMC in many locations around North America, TMN is often able to reduce or minimize the additional cost of a DMC by leveraging our experiences and capabilities.  TMN Understands when local insiders need to be engaged to enhance the event experience….and better yet, when they DON’T.  We will negotiate on your behalf, always keeping your budget, your objectives and your best interest in mind.

Our DMC division can leverage its relationships, experience and purchasing power to provide the highest quality of service in a cost-effective manner in any market throughout North America, Europe and beyond.

With a history working as a preferred Destination Management Company in many markets in the U.S., we can also partner with top notch DMC’s around the globe to ensure you receive the best experience with insider information for the appropriate investment.