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Creative Event Team Member

TMN Events is proud to be a partner of the Creative Event Team.

Creative Event Team – CET is a partnership of event companies that offer a complete palate of meeting and event services from registration to meeting design and celebrity acquisition and production. Our team is comprised of reputable companies who have met rigorous criteria to enter into the CET partnership, and who execute at the highest level, offer personalized service and solutions, work effectively within small to large budgets, and have vast experience producing events and meetings throughout the world.

Meetings and events are created with a purpose. This purpose is to connect the audience to a particular message, inspire an emotional response to an idea, build a foundation for change, create a connection to a brand or simply to entertain. It is therefore imperative that all of the elements of the event are delivered as planned in order to achieve success.

Knowing the importance of the event to our clients and aware of the challenges and choices, Creative Event Team has assembled award-winning professionals to assist you with every aspect of your event, anywhere in the world.

Collectively, we have hundreds of years of combined experience and have produced literally thousands of events, each unique in its needs and objectives. In each case, Creative Event Team is the common element in creating success for our clients.

For more information about the Creative Event Team, please visit their website here.